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Experienced Lawyer for Residential Real Estate Transactions in DuPage County and Throughout Northern Illinois

The Illinois residential housing market has dramatically improved over the last five-year period. Current statistics illustrate the following key market indicators in comparison to 2011:

  • Median home prices have ascended by almost 25 percent.
  • The volume of homes sold is approximately 35 percent higher.
  • Homes currently average 63 days on the market compared to 106 days, about a 40 percent spike.
  • Available inventory in the market is at the lowest level since 2008, indicating soaring demand.

Amid the positive momentum and increased activity, buyers and sellers must approach their local housing market with a firm grasp, using the best available professional resources. Regardless of your position in the volatile residential real estate arena, actions should be facilitated by an experienced attorney.

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Professionals Involved in Property Transactions

Our law firm knows the value of a skilled real estate team. We can help you work with different professionals throughout your home buying or selling experience:

  • Real Estate Agents - Illinois agents are sponsored by a licensed broker. Duties may include presenting offers, counteroffers, marketing and presenting the property, disclosing defects, and more.
  • Home Inspectors - Home inspections are necessary to uncover defects prior to a property transaction. There are generalized inspectors as well as specialists for pests, fireplaces, etc.
  • Lenders - Buyers should meet with lenders to discuss and compare financing options. Buyers may obtain a written pre-approval to establish a realistic price range and serve as a signal to sellers that you are legitimately able to purchase.
  • Title Companies - May conduct activities such as confirming there are no property liens and identifying easements. Title insurance policies are used to protect against potential unanticipated claims on the property from others.
  • Appraiser - Might assess and verify the property's value for gauging purchase and/or offer prices; the role of gathering and analyzing data is to be conducted impartially.
  • Surveyor - May clarify property boundaries, assess shared driveways, confirm building or improvement conformity, and report locations of underground cables, drains, utilities, etc.
Buying a home


Are you ready to pursue the dream of being a homeowner? Trust our Naperville real estate lawyer with your new and long-term financial commitments. We can guide you through all the challenges of the mortgage process.

selling your home


Is your household ready to downsize to smaller square footage, relocate to a new geographic region, or upgrade to a bigger space? Whether you are a first-time seller or seasoned homeowner, we are ready to help.

Closing On Your Home


You accepted an offer. The sale is now pending until the closing date. Now what? Learn about the items required for closing, the exceptions for condos, and what to expect in terms of cost from our legal professional.

The Increasingly Critical Role of a Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate transactions are significant financial matters; therefore, having an attorney to protect your best interests is a smart decision. An attorney will be your advocate among the many parties involved, who have financial interests in proceeding forward with your property transaction. It is important to proactively retain a lawyer before signing potentially binding documents to ensure you understand the terms. For 30 years, the Law Office of Michelle T. Chase has been successfully assisting clients with matters involving residential real estate. Our success is based on a personal and individualized approach which is client-centric and focused on great service.

Law Office of Michelle T. Chase

Trusted Real Estate Attorney for Buyers and Sellers

Law Office of Michelle T. Chase

If you are preparing to buy or sell a residential property, it is important to have a seasoned, local real estate attorney. To confidently proceed through the transaction, you should have effective counsel to interpret the paperwork you are signing, negotiate terms and pricing, and prevent costly errors or unexpected costs. Contact the Law Office of Michelle T. Chase at 630-995-3812 to discuss your goals and address questions or concerns.


Michelle is a very personable attorney. She helps you through any intimidation you may have in the real estate buying process. Michelle was referred to me through my real estate agent to purchase my home in Lombard. She was very responsive to all emails and phone calls. My husband and I love our home and couldn't be happier!

- Amanda R.

Sold our home last year, bought another home this year, both with Michelle Chase as our lawyer. Her response time to all of our questions was/is phenomenal, and the process seamless. I don't recall any issues or worries. She's definitely someone who I'd recommend.

- Ivan D.

Working with Michelle was a breeze. She was on the ball, quick to communicate, and answer any question I had. She was so prepared for closing that it was finished in under an hour. This was my first time buying a home, and Michelle put me at ease with her professionalism and open communication. I recommend using Michelle as your attorney for buying a home as I will use her again in the future."

- Satisfied Customer


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